Welcome to LearnSpanishReview.org. This site features reviews of some popular learn Spanish home study courses. In the recommendations section, you will find three products that are showcased for their own unique qualities to help you learn Spanish. They should appeal to different people or certainly fulfill different learning needs. Check them out !

rocket spanishRocket Spanish represents the best value of all the courses reviewed so far. It has a bit of everything in it (audio component is similar to Pimsleur/educational games similar to Rosetta Stone) and it is being improved all the time based on feedback from users. The same can’t be said for many of the other learn Spanish courses available. It is also cheaper than most of these other courses too…

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2nd pick

Fluenz Spanish is a fairly new course but is excellent. It is a mix of one on one tutor and multi media teaching tools. It’s aim is to teach you how to learn Spanish fast by leveraging your current language skills in English. What this means is that they explain everything from an English speakers perspective. The teaching style is good and gives you real confidence that you know the language and can speak it. The company is small and feels that this gives their programs a more personal feel than bigger language companies.

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3rd pick

michel thomas review

Michel Thomas Spanish is based on the famous language teaching techniques designed and perfected  by the one and only Michel Thomas in his New York Language School. This course is one of the simpler courses around but this doesn’t mean that the content is not extremely valuable. This is purely an audio course and has slightly more limited aims than many other courses. It’s aim is to teach a student how to speak Spanish as quickly as possible using Michel’s teaching technique…

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Rocket Spanish have released a new video based course called Jetset Spanish…check out our Jetset Spanish Review

Honorable Mention….

Rosetta Stone has been the gold standard as far as learn a language software goes for many years. Many competing products have modeled their programs on the successful aspects of this popular course. Some, like Fluenz, have even based their program on things that they believe are missing or flawed in the Rosetta Stone method.  So Rosetta Stone is still worth considering but might be more appropriate for home schooling or for people that can learn a new language at a slower pace.

rosetta stone spanishRosetta Stone claim that their language courses have been used with great success by venerable government agencies such as the US State Department and NASA. It is a unique learn Spanish software program that can teach you Spanish without the need to write anything down or take any notes. It uses a teaching technique that I believe is unique to Rosetta Stone…

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